About Craig

When I was in my teens, I went to my first race meeting.

As the horses thundered down the home straight, I was struck by the action and colour of the experience. I remember thinking that here was a ready made subject for painting. I still think that way today. I've always loved painting horses, particularly in action. Heavy working teams and cattle mustering, along with horse racing remain favourite themes. Most of my horse paintings are in oils and some in soft pastels.

About thirty years ago I started painting female nudes.

Firstly in oils and later, in soft pastels. I still love both mediums. Pastels are a very versatile medium. I use them for loose, free sketches and also for fully worked, highly detailed pictures.

A teacher for over thirty years

I still enjoy watching my students develop their skills. Teaching is a very satisfying and rewarding experience.



Portrait commissions include:

Famous Australian Jockey, Malcolm Johnston, Radio personality John Laws, commissioned by radio station 2UW, Rugby League captain, Steve Mortimer, commissioned by the Canterbury Council.


I've also painted several famous racing journalists: Keith Robbins, Bert Lillye, Bill Whittaker and Tom Brassel.

Gallery Exhibitions

I've been represented in the following galleries

  • Articles Fine Arts Gallery,
  • Boyd Fine Art
  • Moulton Galleries
  • Ryder's Gallery
  • The George Styles Gallery
  • The Durning Lawrence Gallery
  • The Gallery at the Wentworth
  • The Morpeth Art Gallery
  • The Bayview Gallery
  • The Woollahra Times Art Gallery
  • Joan's Ridge Street Gallery
  • The Aarwun Gallery (Canberra)


I will accept commissions. If you see something you like but it has already sold, I can paint something similar for you. You might like me to paint something just for you. If so,  you can contact me to discuss your needs. For example, you may have a horse that you want painted or you would like a portrait of you or someone special. Any subject featured in this website can be commissioned.


Contact me by email or phone regarding the purchase of a picture.


Pricing from $600 AUD


Unframed drawings on fine art paper from $260 AUD

Craig Taylor